Hendon School - Clubs and Activities

Hendon School provides a wealth of extra-curricular clubs and activities both during the lunch break and after school to help your child in their development.

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Music Lessons

Music lessons begin this week (19th September) and we still have a few places left on each instrument.  If you are reading this after September, we may have a place for you, and usually start some new people at the beginning of each term.

Unfortunately we cannot offer singing lessons at the moment, but we are looking for a teacher and hope to have one in place for next term.

Download and print a instrumental lesson form and return it to Mr Humphrey in A1 if you are interested.

Instrumental Lesson Form ¦ pdf

Remember that the school covers half the cost of the lessons, so you pay far less than you would outside of school.


Here are some instruments we offer:

Piano/keyboard; Guitar; Drum kit; Flute; Clarinet; Recorder; Violin; Cello; Trumpet; Trombone; Studio Production.


Also note that we will start all of the extra-curricular music clubs this week, most of them are non-auditioning and relaxed.  A good opportunity to meet new people, to develop your musical skills and it looks good on your CV.
You can also download the timetable for these above.

Any other questions do not hesitate to email

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