The Challenge (also known as the National Citizen Service NCS)

Is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity open to all 16 year olds in England, that helps you build your skills for work and life, while you take on new challenges and meeting new friends. We expect that all students at Hendon School will complete The Challenge. The Challenge is open to everyone regardless of ability; extra support can be put in place for students who may need this e.g. for medical conditions. There are also single-sex courses.


The Challenge is a 3 week course during the summer

Week 1 – Outward bounds and team work activities

Week 2 – Staying at a University, learning new skills

Week 3 – Working on a community project of their choosing


Why do we at Hendon consider it as an important part of transition?

Places at university, work and apprenticeships are increasingly more competitive. Exam results will remain important but employers and admissions tutors are looking for other skills including team work and leadership. The Challenge develops these skills and is nationally recognised and it will enhance personal statements and application forms.

Hendon Students who have previously taken part and have said “It was the best summer I have ever had” and “I was really nervous attending but quickly made friends and loved it.” “Can I go next summer?”

So far over 80 Hendon students have completed The Challenge.


What happens once The Challenge is complete

Students will attend a Graduation ceremony with their parents/carers to celebrate their achievements.

Students can sign up for the Academy and receive support and undertake further Challenges

The following summer they can volunteer or apply for a paid role in The Challenge

They can apply for The International Challenge

They have the option to build on these skills to gain UCAS points and a qualification in Volunteering.



£50 for the while course, as the Government subsidises the rest of the course (a total of £1,500). There are also bursaries to cover all costs and early payment reductions. We will make sure that you are aware of these in plenty of time.


Video The Challenge in 60 seconds http://www.ncsyes.co.uk

Website for more information http://www.ncsyes.co.uk

If you have any questions, please contact Miss Doona This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Enrichment opportunities could include

Subject master classes, leadership, peer teaching, supporting younger students in class, community projects, summer schools, visiting university, sports and learning a range of new skills.

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If you have any questions, please contact Miss Doona This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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