BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Performing Arts

Faculty :  Creative Arts                                                                   

Level : 3

Examination Board  / website : www.edexcel.org.uk/btec

Assessment Details :

Assessment is through performances and coursework as well as on-going assessment of practical work in rehearsals, workshops and classes.

Course Outline :

The BTEC Diploma in Performing Arts will allow you to explore the multi-faceted world of performing arts by educating and training you in a range of skills, techniques and disciplines. The qualification will give you insight into the different career paths that someone interested in the performing arts may want to follow, and can help you progress on to further study.

The course is designed to be adaptable to your interests, abilities and aspirations: it consists of compulsory core units plus a range of specialist units, these may include Principles of Acting, Contemporary Theatre Performance  and Dance Performance. It is possible to take an Acting or Dance pathway and do a BTEC subsidiary diploma that is equivalent to one A level.

This 120-credit BTEC Level 3 Diploma is equivalent to two GCE A Levels and carries the equivalent UCAS points.

Skills / Aptitudes required to be successful in this course : An enthusiasm for the subject. A willingness to work hard and commit extra time to rehearsals.

Goes well with : English Literature, Drama and Theatre Studies or Psychology are obvious choices but a BTEC in Performing Arts can complement any subject.

Pathways – Career and /or further study possibilities, using this subject: 

You could opt for University entrance either in Performing Arts or other subjects such as marketing; this BTEC qualification carries the same amount of UCAS points as two GCE A levels. You can progress straight into employment. If successful there are a wide range of careers you could explore, including actor/actress.

For further information, please contact: Ms Barron (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) (Head of Performing Arts and BTEC)

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