OCR Cambridge Technical Qualifications in ICT

Faculty:   BICT                                                                               

Level: 3

Examination Board / website: OCR (www.ocr.co.uk)

Assessment Details: This qualification is internally assessed by centre assessors and quality assurance personnel and externally moderated by OCR Visiting Moderators.

This qualification is graded: Pass, Merit, Distinction, Distinction*.

Course Outline: ICT skills are essential for success in employment and higher education, and are among the fundamental transferable skills required by employers. The Cambridge Technical qualification delivers these skills across the whole range of learning styles and abilities, effectively engaging and inspiring all students to achieve great things.

The units studied will be-excel

Unit 1              Communication and employability skills for IT

Unit 2              Information systems

Unit 7              Computer networks

Unit 12             Website production


Skills / Aptitudes required to be successful in this course:

An interest in the Computer industry with a possible desire to enter employment in this area. You should enjoy using computers to research and produce material. You must also be interested in the technical aspect of how the computer works.

Pathways – Career and /or further study possibilities, using this subject: 

  • Learners studying in preparation for employment in IT
  •  Qualifications have UCAS points supporting progression to HE.

For further information, please contact: Mrs Poh (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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