Hendon School Sixth Form - School Day

  • All students are required to register (using the Face Register System in the Sixth Form Study Centre) by 8:35am each day.
  • All students are required to be in their tutor rooms by 8:40am, to engage in the Sixth Form Tutorial Programme with their tutor.
  • Year 12 students are required to remain on the school site until 3:20pm each day, regardless of their timetable.
  • Year 13 and 14 students may leave the site at the end of period 4, to work at home or in a local library, if they do not have a period 5 or 6  lesson.
  • For Health and Safety purposes, all students are required to sign in and out using the Face Register System, if they are officially going offsite, or returning onsite after an authorised appointment.
  • All Sixth Form students are allowed offsite at break and lunchtimes, but they must ensure they return punctually.
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