Social Networking!
Please remember that students have to be 14 to register on to Facebook. Please try and support us by banning social networking because it leads to isolation and bullying.
Some useful information and links about e-Safety.

Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre ( CEOP)

CEOP is a law enforcement agency that aims to tackle child sexual abuse. Part of its strategy is to provide internet safety advice for parents and carers and training for the childrens workforce. It also has a report abuse button for reporting abuse on the internet. www.ceop.gov.uk

PLEASE download and read this document - Purely for Parents ¦ pps


The CEOP Thinkuknow website has a range of information about online safety for young people and also has a link to the report abuse facility.

A section of the website specifically for parents and carers aims to help them understand more about what their child may be doing online.

The thinkuknow programme includes training courses for those working with children to enable them to deliver the course directly to children.


VERY important - Please Download Parents Factsheet ¦ pdf


Insafe brings together best practice and expertise around Europe and the portal has resources, guidance, information and activities for children, teachers and carers, as well as free awareness materials in a range of languages.



Kidscape is a charity committed to keeping children safe, especially from bullying and sexual abuse. Its aim is to equip vulnerable children with practical skills and knowledge in how to keep themselves safe and reduce likelihood of future harm. Kidscape also offers a range of training programmes both for children and the childrens workforce.


Know IT all

Know IT all is a set of interactive resources developed by Childnet International to educate young people, parents and teachers about safe and positive use of the internet.


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