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Admissions Policy ¦ pdf

Anti Bullying ¦ pdf

Behaviour ¦ pdf

Charging and Remissions Policy ¦ pdf

Child Protection Policy ¦ pdf

Code Of Conduct ¦ pdf

Community Cohesion Policy ¦ pdf

Equalities ¦ pdf

Exclusion ¦ pdf

Inclusion Faculty Handbook ¦ pdf

The Prevention and abuse of Drugs ¦ pdf

Preparation for Adult Life ¦ pdf

Sex and Relationship Education ¦ pdf

Statement of British Values ¦ pdf


Hendon school accessibility plan ¦ pdf

Hendon School Inclusion Policy ¦ pdf

Parent Complaint Procedure ¦ pdf

Mobile Phones: What is expected and what is acceptable at Hendon School: Click Here ¦ pdf

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