BTEC Music Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma 

Why Choose this Course?

If you have previously attained a level 2 qualification in music (or can play an instrument to approx grade 3 standard), and want to further progress then this course is the next step. The BTEC level 3 syllabus provides you with the knowledge and experience that will be required for further and higher education. It will also provide you with understanding, and encourage appreciation of a wide variety of music genres. 

Possible related careers may include singing/playing, teaching, composing, producing and DJing. Studying Music at level 3 does not however, mean you have to follow a career in it; but it does provide many career paths and allows for higher education progression.

Course description

In this course you will develop your skills in performing, composing and developing musical understanding. You will encounter a great variety of music both from the Contemporary Popular and Western Classical traditions and from various world music traditions.  In your own performing and composing, you will have the freedom to work in whichever style and genre interests you.

If you are interested in music technology, you will have ample opportunity to use computer software and MIDI/Audio sequencing techniques for your compositions but you will also be able to work with more traditional notation if you prefer.

How will I be assessed?

Assessment is by submitted assignments for each unit and is 100% coursework based.


For further information contact: Mr Tompkins (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


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