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As we start to wind down for the year it we start to look towards the next. We have worked hard this year to develop a Student Voice that is committed to helping to develop the learning environment at Hendon School.

We will now start looking for new candidates to sit on the Student Voice Panel.

What are we looking for?

Committed and passionate learners to be role models for the others in the school, using their student voice status to model the correct behaviour for others

The Roles of the Student Voice Council include;

Chairperson/Vice Chairperson



Teaching and Learning reps

Environment reps

Welfare reps

Events and fundraising reps

Communications and media reps

Year/form reps

If you are interested in becoming part of the Student Voice Council then come and speak to Mr Hobbs



Congratulations to Rakeem Simpson and Dominic Breen who have been asked to represent Barnet Youth Award. Please follow this link for further information http://www.barnet.gov.uk/info/940302/uk_youth_parliament/496/uk_youth_parliament

This is a massive achievement and they two boys are very proud of what they will now be contributing to the local community

Jack Petchey Achievement Award Winners - Check out what they spent their award money on

Student Voice Page on Frog - Click Here ¦ this link requires a username and password

Student Voice

Vision – what do we do and why do we do it?

The student voice provides a platform for teachers and departments to help personalise both the learning and learning environment in the whole school. By personalising learning in Hendon we feel that we are able to improve school experiences for learners and to help raise attainment and achievement

What are the roles and expectations of a Student Voice Council Member?

  • Attend weekly meetings (currently Wednesdays at 8:35am in Library)
  • Meet with SLT every half term to bring up any issues
  • Discuss issues brought up in meetings with student voice reps, who discuss issues with forms
  • Collect ideas and run question and answer sessions with form
  • Relay information to form tutor and Owen Hobbs
  • Be an engaging representative, helping to promote the activities of the school
  • Sacrifice own time to help run and support events and activities e.g. lunchtime or after school sessions
  • Act as a positive role model, making positive contributions and encouraging others to do the same

What does our system look like? How does it all work?

  • One member of the form is elected as the Student Voice rep (voted for by form members and run by form tutors)
  • One member of the form is elected ad the Deputy Student Voice rep (voted for by form members and run by form tutors) – to attend meetings when Student Voice Rep is absent
  • Students wishing to be on the Student Voice Council produce a manifesto, outlining why they want to be on the student voice council and what they can offer, with  voting taking place in order to select the Student Voice Council (3 people from each year group)
  • Student Voice Council meet once a week
  • Each half term two KS3 Students Voice Councillors and two KS4 Student Voice Councillors  and are elected within the Student Voice Council to represent the Student Voice at SLT meetings and present feasibility studies


The Roles of the Student Voice Council include;

Chairperson/Vice Chairperson

  • Key role in running/chairing meeting
  • Approves agendas and minutes
  • Overview of work of the council
  • Spokesperson for the student body
  • Liaises with key people


  • Organises the meeting – including room, refreshments etc.
  • Writes the agenda, has it approved by the chair, and circulates
  • Takes minutes, types up and circulates
  • Keeps a record of all the meetings taking place
  • Write and/or checks letters being sent


  • Controls the student council budget
  • Approves and keeps a record for spending
  • Provides updates for the council
  • Advises different council members about the cost of running a budget
  • Liaises with the school business manager about any spending processes

Teaching and Learning reps

  • Coordinates teaching and learning committee
  • Looks at student views towards leading, homework etc
  • Reports back on projects to council and staff

Environment reps

  • Coordinates environment committee
  • Looks at student views towards litter, canteen etc.
  • Reports back on projects to council and staff
  • School bulletin – shown in afternoon form

Welfare reps

  • Coordinates welfare committee
  • Coordinates peer mentoring, peer listening and anti-bullying
  • Reports back on projects to council and staff

Events and fundraising reps

  • Sets up events and fundraising committee
  • Organises school social and fundraising events
  • Reports back on projects to council and staff

Communications and media reps

  • Handle marketing of school council projects and events
  • Access website
  • Monitor Frog forum and feedback to committee
  • Help recruit sponsors
  • Manage twitter account

Year/form reps

Everyone might be a year rep, but have additional roles and responsibilities in the council

  • Represent the views of their year or form to the council

Report back council projects/ideas to the year or form


How our process work simply

Student Voice Flow Process


Current Activities

  • Bin competition; years 7,8 and 9 to design a bin in form group. We then make a session in which they have time to put their plan into action and vote for the best one per year group. We have made a team which will go into assemblies and present the PowerPoint with all the details.
  • Corridors; we have a team which will make posters with slogans such as "For a delight stay on the right", "Always walk on the right side of life", "Chuck Norris walks on the right" and "If you don't want to fight stay on the right".
  • Jack Petchey; Avishka, Robin and Jade are this terms winners.
  • Also there is a UK Youth Summit on a Saturday in a month which I forgot so if you're interested please ask Mr Hobbs for more detail
  • See e-mails


Training – how do we train student voice members?

  • Student Voice Leaders attend leadership training – focussing on key skill areas
  • Student Voice Leaders debate ideas and train how to work to listen to each other’s ideas and should be fully briefed on how to complete a task they have been given for form time


What can student voice offer you as a form tutor/department?  How can student voice take some of the work load from you?

  • Student Voice Leaders can be used for a variety of tasks. They are responsible Leaders who will be role models for the rest of your form –improve behaviour
  • They will control/lead Student Voice activities in form time and will act as the pathway to SLT regarding any concerns
  • They will need 10 minutes of form time once a week – this means less work for you!
  • Student Voice Leaders can be responsible for your ‘Student Voice’ section on your notice board







Student Voice

Here at Hendon School we are good at building strong relationships with our learners. Our Student Voice Council listens to the needs of our learners and helps put their opinions into action.

The Student Voice Council is actively running across the school, with KS3, KS4 and KS5 sub councils helping to shape the learning environment at Hendon. Learners here understand the necessity to personalise learning and their learning environment.

The Student Voice Council get together on issues that they feel are important and are able to bring these ideas to the staff and governor’s.

We work had to ensure that the voices of all of the students are heard at Hendon and will work to produce a dynamic Student Voice Council that not only helps to shape the direction of Hendon, but get involved with local issues and help to contribute positively to the community.

If you have any issues relating to Student Voice Council please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


03/03/2014 Update:

Jack Petchey Achievement Award Winners

The Jack Petchey Achievement Award winners this term are;



Avishka Attanayake

Fantastic contributions to the form and so much beyond. Avishka is involved in charity work and shows real leadership and organisation. She is a deeply caring young person.

Avishka works tirelessly to help raise money for charity and is an inspiring role model for her peers. She has shown great dedication and is such a spirit in Hendon.

Robin Medina

He is a great role model to our younger students and his peers. He regularly leads younger students at sports club and is always very organised and prepared. He is widely acknowledged as having a good manner, he is cheerful and polite and comes across as a responsible young leader.

Jade Gregory

She has been, and continues to be, a fantastic, intuitive peer supporter for Charlie Elman and several of the other student in HARP. She was at nursery with Charlie and has a fantastic understanding of Autism in general and Charlie in particular.  Sophia will be able to give you examples of some of the things she has done with/for him over the past year and a half

These students have been recognised for their outstanding contributions to the school and to their community. They all have been granted £200 each, to spend within the school on any item they feel will benefit the school.

The Student Voice Council will keep you informed of what the money will be spent on


Mr Hobbs



Student Voice

The Student Voice Council are a very motivated group of talented young leaders who have been nominated into their roles and are now acting as representatives for their fellow classmates. Through dedication and high levels of maturity the student voice council have ensured that they are now in a great position to push through ideas of students and really have their opinions heard and respected.

Last year the Student Voice Council found out the 10 top things that students at Hendon wanted to do, achieve or change before they left the school. Using these ideas as a point of reference, the Student Voice council will now start to work closely with the wellbeing team to get these ideas implemented.

Already this year the Student Voice Council have become involved with the current litter problem we are experiencing at school and are fully engaged to gather ideas about how it can be possible to remove the issue of littering. Again, working with the wellbeing team the students are starting to develop some really imaginative ideas and will soon be presenting these ideas to the Senior Leadership Team.

We really want parents to get involved in helping the students, watch out for how you can help next month.

Student Voice Council addresses pupil’s top ten things to do, achieve and change before leaving Hendon.


  • Get the toilets redone
  • Get the memorial garden at the end of the field looked at
  • Lockers for all of equipment PE kits
  • Sleep in the library


  • Give homeless people food
  • University trips


  • A* Club
  • Set up a successful newspaper
  • Get grades higher than my fisher target
  • Try to break a world record
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