Aims and our philosophy:

Nowadays, understanding a foreign language and culture is fundamental and essential to be able to succeed in a society. That is why, in French we aim to equip our students with a solid background and knowledge to make them able to enjoy international relations either in their professional and /or personal lives. We want our students to be able to form lasting relationships with those from other countries and to understand that international links are invaluable to us in business and in friendship.  In our lessons, we strive to challenge our students, to engage them in stimulating dialogues, to peak their interest and to help them to become independent learners.


KS3 Curriculum:



Year 7

Year 8


Year 9


Autumn 1



Autumn 2



Spring 1




Spring 2



Summer 1




Summer 2





Bienvenue Chez Moi, Chez Toi


At school and Uniform


Free time


Free Time [weekend]

Chez toi Chez moi




Family and friends


Body and at the doctor’s


Life and daily routine


Visit of Paris and Revisions

My holidays and transport


My city and directions


Geography of France and French speaking countries

Healthy lifestyle

Fashion and to help at home


Works and experience


Our year 7 are introduced to Languages in doing the carousel for the first |Term. When they dodo French they discover the language through the discovery of French Art. Over the course of our three year key stage 3 course, our students learn how to read and write in French. They learn how to introduce themselves, greet their friends and build their vocabulary among different topics such as their house, school and free time. They also learn how to express their opinions and to link their ideas which are essential expressing their ideas.   In year 8 our students continue to develop their own skills and knowledge of the language as they discover new topics and vocabulary such as family and friends and their daily routine. They also discover new structures to be able to improve their use of the language. In year 9 they explore more different and global topics such as the environment, ecological problems, holidays fashion and work. More than about a language it is also about thinking as responsible citizens. Through such topics they also keep on developing their knowledge of the language and of the culture as they become able to express their own ideas and opinions in detail. They acquire more knowledge of the grammar and structure patterns of French.

Term 1 First Half


KS4 Curriculum:

Term 1 Second Half





Controlled assessment:



Unit 1 =         Unit 2=


Unit 3= control assessments (30%)

Unit 4= Control assessments (30%)



Year 10


Year 11


Autumn 1



Autumn 2



Spring 1




Spring 2



Summer 1



Summer 2



Relationships and choices


Free time and media






Home and local area



Revision/Catch up








Students study the GCSE AQA specification which builds on their knowledge gained in KS3 and enables them to meet new and exciting topics alongside familiar topics which are then explored further and in more depth.  Students continue to gain confidence in all four language skills, increasing their vocabulary base and enabling them to write longer written assessment and read extended texts. We aim to develop a deeper understanding of grammar and the structures that underpin the language. Our teaching and learning continues to involve a wide range of challenging, fun and engaging activities.  Students are expected to consolidate their learning at home by independently reviewing each lesson and completing all homework and the online website designed by examination officer to practice listening, reading and writing skills on the various topics they learn.

Term 3 Second Half

KS5 curriculum:







Edexcel specification

For AS= 6FR01 and 6FR02[Speaking, Listening, Reading and writing essays] and

For A2 = 6FR03 and 6FR04 [reading, translation, essay and research based .essay]






Year 12

Year 13


Autumn 1


Autumn 2


Spring 1


Spring 2


Summer 1



Youth culture  and concerns


Lifestyle, Health and fitness


Education and employment


The world ,around us:travel, tourisme, environmental issues and french speaking world.

History arts and literature


Questions of society and actuality


About the World


Tradition and believes


Exam and revision


In the AS course we provide our students with the skills to be able to

In our highly challenging AS course we target such areas as grammar, essay writing, listening and reading comprehension in great depth. Students are expected to work independently outside the classroom to consolidate their knowledge and understanding of these key areas.  In Year 13 our students focus on the areas such as politics, worldwide issues and religion, customs and traditions as well as preparing a debate for their oral examination. They also have to do a research project on either a geographical region/city, historic study, on aspects of modern society or or a film, literature or the arts of their choice.. The students are also given the opportunity to go on work experience in France through a reliable company.



French outside the Classroom:


For Hendon student studying AS or A2 French we give the possibility of doing a work placement in France through specialized companies in France as well as giving opportunity to all students to exchange emails or letters with French students from schools in France. Moreover we enable our students to discover more about French culture through films, music, TV programs, newspapers, magazines and literature. We are furthermore launching new opportunities for independent study outside the classroom through our KS3 independent homework projects.


Members of the French department:


Mrs C. Delacroix ( Head of French)

Mrs F. Kruczyk

Mrs S. Taccuso ------  Mrs F. Loewe


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Reading Lists:


Ressources Françaises - Sites de la langue française









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