IAG lessons and enrichment

Life in the Sixth Form is not only about passing exams. At Hendon we want to prepare students to also leave Hendon with the skills and personal qualities, which employers and universities are looking for by “preparing them for adult life.”


In order to support students

All Yr12 students will have one hour of week, timetabled for Information Advice and Guidance (careers and support) and enrichment lesson.

IAG lessons will include post 18 pathways (work, apprenticeships and university), study skills, preparation for work experience, tax, National Insurance, reading payslips, opening a Bank account, money and management, budgeting, public speaking and presentation skills. students will also have access to a careers advisor, a careers fair, HE fair, mock interviews and meeting with local employers who will be able to support all this work.

The enrichment element, will allow students to develop skills and try new activities. Universities and employers are looking for more ways to separate candidates, than just qualifications. They want to see rounded individuals who have explored their full potential, had varied experiences and have developed a range of talents. Enrichment develops our students into versatile, confident individuals who have interests and passions beyond the core curriculum

Enrichment should support the development of students’ ensuring that they are confident; have high aspirations, social awareness, good health and well-being. In order to support this all students are expected to complete the Hendon School Enrichment Award, at least to Bronze level.

The award has 3 sections community, personal and subject. Students are expected to complete at least 30 hours of enrichment throughout Year 12. Those who want to can develop this further and complete 50-100 hours of enrichment and can receive a qualification worth 30 or 50 UCAS points.

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