Name of Faculty: Humanities
Members of Staff: 

Mr T. Griffiths (Head of Religious Education)

Ms A. Miller

Miss C. Williams

Ms N. Doona

Mr P. Tomkins


About the Department:
The Religious Education (RE) department is a lively department which encourages all students to use their creativity in order to learn from religion. The RE department provides all students with the opportunity to learn outside the classroom, relating to their own experience of religion. The RE department works towards developing the social, emotional and spiritual aspect of every student at Hendon School. Students have the opportunity to go on a range of exciting trips. These include a year 7 trip to St Paul’s Cathedral as part of their joint RE and Maths work.

About the Courses:


Years 7 – 9:

In year 7, students will be studying the following topics: investigating the major 6 world religions; evaluating religious values; identifying the 5 Pillars of Islam; analysing the idea of ‘community’; researching and creating places of worship (joint with the Maths faculty); understanding and applying the way citizenship is practiced in religions. Year 8 includes: investigating people who have made a difference in the world; examining the lives of founders of religions; empathising with religious forms of worship; identifying significant events in the lives of religious people and assessing the importance of rites of passage. In year 9, students will study the following: comparing different views of the nature of God and asking ultimate belief questions; considering and empathising with moral issues within the contemporary world; examining the religious issues connected to war and peace and then in the summer term preparing for a full course GCSE in Religious Studies.


All students study the full course GCSE in Religious Education. The specification is OCR. Topics include ‘Believing in God’, ‘Marriage and the Family’, ‘Religion and Community Cohesion’ and ‘Matters of Life and Death’.



A-level students are provided the opportunity to take Philosophy and Ethics as part of the Religious Studies A-level course. This gives students the advantage to continue developing their knowledge and understanding of world issues and key theories that have shaped modern thinking. This A-level opens doors to continuing education and careers in Politics, Journalism, Law, English, Philosophy, Medicine, Theology and many more important roles in today’s society.

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