Name of Department: Child Development
Members of Staff: Cheryl Wilsenach (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

About the Department :  One class of Year 10 and one class of Year 11, each seen three times a week.
All lessons held in A6, except when ICT needed for coursework.    

About the Courses:  Click here for Powerpoint Presentation
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A two year course. 
All theory is covered in Year 10, including- 
The Family; Pregnancy, Labour and Birth; Feeding, Nappies and Bathing; Nutrition, Health, Safety and Socialisation; Equipment, Shoes and Clothing; Immunisation, Ailments and Hospital Stays; Play and Development (Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social); Socialisation and Government programmes.

Pupils make mood boards in their books on clothing, equipment, shoes etc.    

Students do all theory work in notebooks. Their coursework is written up on typed pages and sent off to the examiner. There is no practical item that is made.

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