Name of Faculty: Creative Arts

Name of Department: Music

Members of Staff:

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Mr P Tompkins

Mr D Halstead


Head of Music

Teacher of Music


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The curriculum:

Key Stage 3

As part of the Expressive Arts faculty we have successfully piloted innovative cross-curricular projects in Years 7 and 8. These projects allow the students to have lessons with two different teachers, each bringing their own specialism to the activities. The pupils have the opportunity of really flexing their creative muscles, working as a team, and making independent decisions about their learning.
The lessons in Years 7, 8 and 9 are fun, diverse and accessible to all students. The ranges of topics covered ranges from Samba to Film Music to Rap and beyond, each building up skills in performing, creating and listening. As the department expands, every student will also learn keyboard, guitar and drum-kit skills for the first time this year, as well as studio production techniques.

Key Stage 4

At Hendon the uptake of Music GCSE has effectively doubled in the last 3 years, year-on-year increasing from 16, through 27 to 34 in the current cohort. This is testament to the excellent work at Key Stage 3, and the high profile of Music around the school. We take pride in our reputation as an inclusive course, allowing any enthusiastic student to enjoy and achieve at GCSE, regardless of the musical background or experience.
Our results have been consistently above the school and national average for the last 3 years, with 87% of students achieving A*-C (well over half getting a B or above!).

Key Stage 5

We offer A-level courses in both Music and Music Technology, and for the first time this year, have attracted students from neighbouring school to come and study these courses at Hendon.
All of our Year 13 Music students who finished school last June have gone on to study Music at university.

The facilities
2 large classrooms, well-resources for fun and active Music lessons, and one about to be fitted with a class set of Music Production PCs
3 practice rooms, which are busy from early in the morning until closing time with students working independently and receiving peripatetic lessons
A fully-functioning recording studio, staffed by a technician one day a week, and used for recording and composing by a steady stream of pupils, working in all musical styles.
We regularly burst out of the department with performances in the courtyard, hall, gym, amphitheatre and school field!

Instrumental/Voice Lessons
Highly-valued, and currently oversubscribed in all instruments
Heavily subsidised by the school: Hendon thoroughly believes in offering an enriching musical experience for every child, and so the school pays 2/3 of the cost of every lesson.
Given by an army of experienced and professional musicians who have graced many a world stage: from the Barbican to Glastonbury! These musi8cal role-models also participate in the extra-curricular groups in the school.

Extra-curricular Activities
Happen throughout the week and are free-of-charge to all students
Include: Year 7 choir, ‘Pop School’, Elite Choir, Jazz Band, Orchestra, String Group, Guitar Group, Band Clinic, Keyboard Group
If we don’t already run it, you can help us set it up!

There are 2 so far this year: one to see a rare performance of a contemporary work at the Southbank, the other to watch a world-class orchestra in rehearsal.
We regularly consult student voice about which trips to run: We have a Students Arts Council and have just launched a ‘Music Managers’ scheme.


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