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Miss R Choolun

Amelia Knight

Head of Dance

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We aim to empower all students with the opportunity to excel by providing a safe and fun environment to experience dance.  Importance is placed on making links to the social, cultural and historical context of dance. Dance has a unique role to play in the curriculum by combining physical skills with imagination and creativity.  The subject is very popular with boys and girls at Hendon. Students experience a wide range of different Dance styles through different units of work. Students develop their technical, creative, analytical/observational skills by working individually, in pairs and in groups.


We encourage students to co-operate and work together to keep each other safe, to support mutual respect and to develop confidence in working with and sharing their work with others.


We provide an extensive year-round extra-curricular programme, a packed schedule consisting of a variety of different opportunities like school productions, dance competitions and performances as well as school trips, visiting the west end and other regular theatre trips.


The Dance department has a partnership link with Saddlers Wells, Students have worked with Re-Bourne- Matthew Bournes professional company, Zoo Nation, Impact Dance.  We have a resident Break Dancer from the Jack Petchy Foundation funded by the Royal Academy of Dance where students learn from a current professional in the industry.


Dance Education  


  • increase their confidence and self-esteem
  • employ the skills of problem solving and creativity
  • make knowledgeable decisions about dance in education
  • Development of analysis skills
  • Creativity
  • Fitness


Year 7

Dancers Tool kit: Exploring simple action and dynamic choreographic skills through the teaching of a motif.


Then and Now: Students will explore Dance styles and crazes from the 1920s, 1940s 1960s 1990s and Dance today. Students will create a dance based on one of the craze from THEN and fuse it with a style from NOWs, selecting actions, space, dynamics and relationships.


Street Project : Students explore different forms of Street Dance such as Parkour, Acro-Dance , gymnastics and narrative dance.


Year 8

African Dance- a celebration of Black History Month: Students learn about Historical influences on African Dance. Students learn about rhythm, social and communicative dance such as body percussion as well as studying about a world famous choreographer Alvin Aliey and Contemporary Dance.


World and Identity: Learning and creating Dance in different styles from different countries and different cultures eg- Salsa, Bollywood, Bharatya-Natyam, Greek, Capeoria, Breakdance, Street Dance.

Arts Award- Accredited arts project.

Year 9

MTV dance videos- Learning how to use film and camera techniques to enhance Dance. Students explore and learn how to edit Dance and use special effects to enhance students own Dance choreographies.


The Art of Choreography- Students create a whole class choreography based on a Set theme.


The Healthy Dancer- Students develop their own training program and explore the impact of lifestyle and fitness.  

Key Stage 4  GCSE DANCE

GCSE Dance (4230) helps students develop technical and expressive skills as well as knowledge and understanding of dance through performance, choreography and critical appreciation of dance.

It allows students to actively and physically demonstrate their abilities through the controlled assessment, the practical exam, and written exam.


Students in year 10 have been given an exciting opportunity to participate in the Dance leaders accredited course.


KEY STAGE 5 and A LEVEL DANCE, BTEC Performing Arts  


Technical study

Performance and Choreography

Analysis of different set works

Written examination and practical examination. 


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