Name of Faculty: Creative Arts

Name of Department: Art and Design

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Miss C Sergent

Mr K Keller

Ms M Schmid


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About the Courses:
In Art we aim to give our students a broad experience of both art and design. We focus on exploring materials and techniques as well as aiming to give our students an understanding of ideas and concepts both in artists work as well as in their own.  We take advantage of the fact that we’re a London school and often visit galleries and museums to give students first hand experience of Art and the wider world that Art reflects. Students work with a range of materials including painting and drawing, printmaking, ceramics, 3D, digital art and photography. We also enter competitions such as the Mayor’s Fourth Plinth Competition and Rivers of The World run by the Thames Festival Trust and the British Council  where we are twinned with a school in Indonesia.
At Key Stage 3 students work on topics that reflect both building up skills and understanding. In year 7 students concentrate on building up their practical skills, leading on to topic based work in year 8 and 9 exploring themes of Identity and Environment.  Work is based around exploring Artists work and understanding the context and making links to understanding the world we live in.
At Key Stage 4 we offer GCSE in Art and Design following the EDEXCEL syllabus.
This follows on from Key Stage 3 and gives students a chance to delve deeper into topics. The focus in year 10 is on developing skills leading on to year 11 where the emphasis is on self exploration and independent learning. Students work in a variety of media including painting and drawing, 3D, film and animation, photography, textiles, ceramics and printmaking. Students visit Galleries and Museums to help them understand how artists work.
At Key Stage 5 we offer both  A-level Art  and BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma.
AS and A-level Art is divided into Coursework and Exam Units. The work is done around themes and students are encouraged to explore techniques and media widely  extending their understanding of contemporary art practice  through gallery visits. Our students take part in outreach schemes run by the Royal Academy and The Royal College of Art and our students secure places at a variety of Art schools and universities such as St Martin’s  School of Art, Chelsea School of Art, Camberwell School of Art and UCL (Architecture).
BTEC Level 3 Art and Design offers students a chance to work in a variety of media with units in Experimental Photography, Drawing, Ceramics, Contextual Studies and Printmaking. Students explore the design processes through visits to The Design Museum and professional workshop visits to gain an understanding of how the creative industries operate. 


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