Name of Faculty: Business and ICT (BICT)

Name of Department: Law


R V Woollin (1996).
The Defendant (D) violently shook his 3-month-old baby and then threw him across the room against his pram. The baby died. The D admitted later that the baby had hit the floor hard, but he didn't think that it would kill him, although he accepted that there was a risk of injury. The trial judge told the jury that they might infer intention if they were satisfied that the D appreciated the substantial risk of serious harm by throwing the child.
Was the father guilty of murder? 
Who would be suitable for this course?
The A level Law course It is a fascinating but demanding course that covers many aspects of the law that is applicable to the average citizens’ daily lives. It would be suitable to any student who enjoys analytical thinking, and appreciates reading and writing. A student, having obtained the A level, can progress to any field at university. This course is not only relevant to a student wanting to pursue a career in law since many degree courses for example construction, engineering and business now have law modules as part of the degree. The course is a 2 year full time course which is assessed through 4 units of examinations, undertaken in January and June with the AQA examination board.
To be accepted onto the AS course, a student must have a minimum of 5 GCSE A*-C with a minimum of a B in English.
Topics taught include understanding how laws are made, as well as how someone can become a judge, barrister or solicitor. Students will also learn what type of evidence that the court needs to prove that a person has committed assault.
The AS level is achieved through sitting 2 examinations:

  • Unit 1- Law Making and the Legal System
  • Unit 2- The Concept of Liability

Students study Criminal law for the entire year which includes learning criminal offences for example murder, theft and grievous bodily harm. Students usually enjoy this year since it is full of fascinating real life cases like Woolin above.
The A2 is achieved through sitting 2 examinations:

  • Unit 3-Criminal Law Fatal Offences
  • Unit 4- Criminal Law Property Offences

To be accepted onto the A2 course, a student must have a minimum of an ‘E’ grade obtained at the AS level.

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