Name of Faculty: Business and ICT (BICT)

Name of Department: Business



 GCSE Business Studies



Exam Board:


Why choose GCSE Business Studies?

Business Studies gives the opportunity to develop the ability to apply business knowledge and understanding to a wide range of business and current affairs situations.

It is a subject that requires students to be committed to learning real business concepts, which would help them understand a range of issues including business decisions, world events and the economy. It is a useful subject for anyone interested in starting, running or working in any business setting.

Method of assessment:

This is a modular course consisting of 3 units:

Unit 1 – Marketing and Enterprise (controlled assessment unit)- 25% of GCSE grade

Unit 2 – Business and People- 25% of GCSE grade

Unit 3 – Production, Finance and External Business Environment- 50% of GCSE grade

These units cover the following topic areas:-

  • Types of business organisation
  • Production
  • Marketing
  • Human resources
  • Finance
  • People in business organisations
  • The business environment


Exam: Unit 2 and Unit 3 taken at the end of year 11


Controlled Assessment:  Unit 1- Controlled Assessment

This is marketing project based on a scenario created by OCR. An important part of the work will involve students collecting research about how businesses market themselves. This will involve internet research and some first hand research, such as interviews and giving out questionnaires. The rest of the marks will come from students writing up conclusions based on their research in exam conditions.

Post 16 Progression:


Studying this subject will allow a student to progress on to most A level courses including Economics, Law, Business, ICT and Humanities.

Business Studies Advanced AS/A2

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