This newsletter is to celebrate the international dimension of our School.

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Hendon School Language College achieved the re-accreditation International Schools
Award in 2012 in recognition of our work to instil a global dimension into the
learning experience of all our pupils.

  •  promoting excellence in Modern Languages to equip pupils for life in a global community
  •  promoting the international ethos throughout the school by embedding the global dimension in the curriculum
  • celebrating our diverse cultures within our school community, our local and international community;
  • developing partnerships with schools abroad to encourage greater understanding and global awareness for our mutual benefit.

Indeed, a lot of our own pupils originate from many parts of the world which enrich
them. This gives them an enormous advantage helping them to understand and
respect others as they have the opportunity to learn about so many different cultures
already represented at Hendon School. Furthermore, a lot of learning is done
through all the links that the School has acquired over the years and that are now
firmly rooted in our school culture. Exchange visits and worldwide trips abroad in
countries including Europe, South Africa, America, Nepal and many more. Studying
different subjects with an International dimension can only enrich the understanding
of our pupils as well as all the cross-curricular activities that are created by them to
enrich their learning even more.
So here is a brief summary of what pupils experience on a regular basis.

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